Dutch court rules Deliveroo riders are self-employed, queries labour law

Dutch court rules Deliveroo riders are self-employed, queries labour law

And why they are wrong! Dutch News Covered here

Earlier this year in Netherlands there was a case brought by on of the ex-“exployees” of Deliveroo that they are not freelancers but still employees. The full story is that sometimes in January in Netherlands all the employee riders who got paid on hourly basis were effectively FIRED off and given the choice of leaving or becoming a FREELANCER RIDER. For some of you smart readers you got it, they wanted FREE WORKERS where a rider could be delivering a single order which took over an hour and still fixed paid a FIXED DELIVERY FEE. So this model suits well to ASSHOLES MAKING DECISIONS IN DELIVEROO but it was bad news for the riders  because then they wouldn’t make the minimum wage.

Deliveroo is notorious for putting out FAKE NEWS for every move they make by justifying it that this move was after conducting surverys from riders. Why would any rider want to work for less than minimum wage. In Netherlands the minimum wage is around 9euro per hour mark and Deliveroo pays a fixed fee of 5euro per delivery. Simply put a rider will need to deliver at least 2 order per hour to make the minimum wage. Sounds simple right? ITS NOT.

The problem is that now that Deliveroo doens’t have to pay hourly fee to riders. They simply send riders to restaurants EVEN WHEN FOOD IS NOT STARTED TO BE MADE. Now let me ask you, how long can it take in an average restaurant to get one order ready. Hmm, maybe around 10-15 minutes right? Right. Then how long could it take for the very same order be prepared when the restaurant is busy, lets add another 10 to 15 minutes? Now what happens when the order is bit large or require more preparation time, lets add another few minutes but even if you don’t we have already mentioned 20 to 30 minutes BEFORE EVEN RIDER gets his hands on the food.

Here is normally how it happens.

1:00 Rider gets order notification and address details of restaurant.

1:15 Rider arrives at restaurant

1:30Rider waits for the food to become ready

(After getting the food in hand, rider now travels to the customer’s address) This varies but on average adding stop time at red lights, taking caution to rider safely, arriving at address and then waiting for the customer to come out. All this could take AT LEAST 15 minutes. There are plenty of times when the marker on the Deliveroo app is at wrong location or when the addresss is difficult to find. There is simply so much that goes wrong to delay DELAY and delay. Effectively rider working for free all that time.

1:45 Rider travels and finds the customer address

That took 45 minutes given EVERYTHING goes smooth.

Riders report waiting time at restaurants EVEN 1 HOUR! 1 HOUR WAITING and then poor rider has not even started to travel to the customer to deliver the food. So in hour and half he or she has made only 5euros.

A lof of people think that these riders must make money otherwise why the heck they would do it. Right?

Wrong. They do not make enough money. These so called riders are doing this SHIT JOB in freezing cold, in the dark, in the rain, risking their everything so until they find another job.

Why the case in court was lost

The Dutch court ruled in favor of Deliveroo because they had better laywers. The rider who brought the case to court funded the case from his own pocket. The law works in weird way. The law is not ready for changes in the world because it looks for precedent from the past. In the past if worker used their own tools and there was no fixed workplace, the worker was said to be classed as a Freelancer. Deliveroo’s laywers took this as their main argument point and even though judge realised this is outdated method they had to rule it in favor of Deliveroo. Deliveroo exploited this old system to exploit riders.

So here is what we have to say to people working in Deliveroo Management.


and stop telling the world that you care for riders. Have some self respect and be honest. Let everyone know that you do not care about riders. You only care about profit.

Riders don’t stay for long because they work for few months until they find something else and move on. Unfortunately having working as rider they find themselves in a drain hole where by their valuable time for searching a job is taken up doing deliveries. Day by day they actually START TO LOSE THEIR SKILL and fall back even furthuer and become UNEMPLOYABLE reinforncing them to continue woirking for less than minimum wage.

This isnt’t even the worse part. Are you ready for it?

The worse part is now that from this 5 to 10 euro per hour they have to take losses to their vehicle whatever it maybe and also personal injuries.

So lets look at an example. Having worked his / her ass off of a 4 hour shift. The bicycle has a flat. This could set back anywhere between 10 to 15 euros easily. Now lets do a quick math 4hours X 10 euro per hour = 40 Euros made LESS 10 euros for tyre repair = 30 Euros in 4 hours which is 7.5 euro per hour.

deliveroo riders strike hong kong
deliveroo riders strike hong kong

In a lot of the cases it isn’t a simple tyre flat. Bicycles get stolen during deliveries, phones get stolen during deliveries. If rider has a scooter then comes INSURANCE COSTS, damage to scooter and we all know repair cost to scooter runs into hundreds of euros. Initial purchase of a decent bicycle is 200 euros and for scooter over 1000 euros.

Lastly, danger and risk of accident. Sure riders can bare the additional costs for insurance to cover for damages but who can pay for a lost arm for a food delivery? Being on the road is dangerous enough and it is 100 times more dangerous on a two wheeler. Even a simple slip on a wet road leads to deadly consequence for the rider.

It is sad working for this shit Deliveroo. Bunch of liars who’s marketing pose fake group pictures pretending to be riders but they actually aren’t.

Deliveroo Sucks

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