I’m making a formal complaint about one staff member from the restaurant Keshk, 71 Mespil Rd, Dublin 4.

I arrived at Keshk 1 minute before the food was supposed to be ready. A pleasant, male kitchen assistant saw me arrive and ran down the external staircase to open the fire door to let me in. Shortly after, a chef came out to say hello. I was still waiting for my order.
A few minutes later, a rude female chef came out and asked me what was I doing. I told her I was waiting on my order. She said “You have to tell someone!!!”. I said “I already told two staff members”. She was extremely rude, angry and accusatory. After waiting for the order for at least ten minutes, I reported the order “long waiting time” and then rejected the order. I was quite unnerved and shaken after being spoken to so aggressively.

I’m making a complaint because I don’t want another Deliveroo driver, especially with little spoken English, to be unfortunate enough to encounter that particular Keshk employee.
I know from previous orders that Keshk are notorious for making Riders wait a very long time, which is why I wasn’t extra pushy when it came to asking for the order.
I hope you understand my situation and why I think it should be brought to your attention. I won’t be taking any orders from Keshk in the future.


Keshk, 71, Mespil Road, Baggotrath East, Pembroke West C ED, Dublin 4, Dublin, County Dublin, Leinster, D04 WV00, Ireland

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Author: Will

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Yes Kesh never prepare your food until you arrived which you have to tell them straight away your order number. But still they’re always late and make Us wait. you’re lucky to have your food ready in 5 minutes that’s is most cases took us there 10 to 15 minutes,