Deliveroo Riders Association Mission

Riders Join Together for Fellow Riders

+Deliveroo is exploiting people in need of job to work for less than minimum wage

+Deliveroo Force riders to wait at restaurants for Free

+Deliveroo Force riders to travel to restaurants and cancel orders without any payment

+Deliveroo Terrible help support Riders support sits in their office and do not help when we need help

+Deliveroo publishes fake news on how their riders have “flexible and fun” doing deliveries for them

+Deliveroo office staff treats Riders like slaves, while they expand their profit and keep bonuses for themselves they steal money from Riders

+Deliveroo values their company $1.3 Billion Dollars, while Riders are barely making minimum wage

+Riders have no recourse for losses from Deliveroo for damage to their vehicles, personal injuries, and fines

Bottom Line: Deliveroo is run by Bunch of Thieves

Riders Take Action for Fellow Riders

+Report Long Waiting time at restaurants

+Report Rude Behavior at restaurants

+Ban Restaurants on the List

+Take Part in Strike Actions

+Share this site